The data contains measurements from DUT(s) 642 and the following variants:

## [1] "sap"              "matrix_wp_off"    "matrix_z"        
## [4] "matrix_gnd"       "matrix_wp_offset" "matrix_wp_single"
## [7] "matrix_wp_30"     "matrix_wp_31"

Variation over SAP/die

There is quite some variation between SAPs and dies as show in the following plot (gain = 0,full SAPs active):

This variation is deterministic, i.e. each measurement shows the exactly same pattern, but it varies randomly from die to die and SAP to SAP; also for different ASICs, i.e. it is not (only) dependent on the on-board termination of the I/Os.

Variation of LNA Gain

The following plot show the same SAP for two different gain settings (max and min gain):